WellBe bases its success and progress from the start and in the years to come on a strong and united community. A community which brings together all the players in the Fitness industry, from members to investors, including clubs, suppliers, partners and "your neighbor". WellBe Coin is open to everyone whether you are athletic or not, whether you are involved in this industry or not.

The "Earndrop" campaign, which will be launched in February 2021, will be an opportunity to create this community by rewarding people who will help to publicize our project, by spreading it on social networks. Up to 100 WELBs will be offered to each person who sponsors a friend, neighbor, colleague, family to join the Community.

The Community will be the basis which, together with the Treasury, will make it possible to guarantee the growth of WELB over time, and its massive adoption. For this, it will offer challenges, rewards, online games, several regular offers in order to promote again and always the values that we wish to spread in this Industry.
Our association with large partners like RESOFit, Fitness Académie, and other partners, with whom we share identical values, are a guarantee of our desire to see this industry enter another dimension, another ERE, that of Community Fitness .