WellBe Coin , launches its ICO ! This is the opportunity to acquire WELBs at an incredible price and become Pioneers in the WellBe adventure. Our ICO is presented in 3 phases :

  • PRE SALE : 10% of the tokens available for the ICO will be sold for 0.07 €. This first phase will begin on April 9 and end on April 25, 2021.
  • 1 st CLOUD SALE : 40% of WELB Tokens will be sold at 0.09 €, start April 26, 2021, end May 26, 2021
  • 2nd CLOUD SALE : 50% of WELB Tokens sold at 0.10 €, start May 27, 2021, end July 9, 2021
Minimum purchase CLOUD SALES: 500 WELB

Fin de la 1ère cloud sale dans:

Let's go for the first round of the ICO

Phases of the ICO




Pre Sale

  • 500,000 WELB available at this price, between 04/09/2021 and 04/26/2021 0.07 € SALE FINISHED!

1st Cloud Sale

  • 2 Millions of WELB available at this price from 04/26/2021 to 05/26/2021 0.09 €

2nd Cloud Sale

  • 2.5 million WELB available from 05/27/2021 to 07/9/2021 0.10 €

Distribution of funds

Resource allocation

Here is how the funds raised through the ICO will be distributed: -30% for the TREASURE -10% for the Solidarity Fund -40% for Development -10% for the WELLBE BONE -10% for Staking


- The Treasury will be the self-financed reserve making it possible to guarantee a growing and relatively stable value of the WELB. - This Treasury also includes a Solidarity Aid Fund (FAS) intended for structures and partners in difficulty or having an innovative development project.


Wellbe Coin invests a large portion of its resources in the development of its massive adoption and decentralization project. Our objective being the creation of: - Wallet WELB - Dapps for Androids and IOS intended for club members. - WELB credit card - Blockchain WELL and many other projects ...


About the ICO

Start of the ICO: April 9, 2021

End of the ICO: July 9, 2021

Price of the WELB Token ICO: from 0.07 € to 0.10 € depending on the phase (0.00006ETH to 0.00009ETH)

Total amount of Tokens available: 5 million

ICO soft cap: € 380,000

ICO hard cap: € 465,000

Minimum amount purchased: 100 WELB

Maximum amount purchased Cloud Sale 1&2: 20 ETH (335,000WELB)

Maximum amount purchased Pre-Sale: (75,000 WELB)

 WELB ICO Purchase agreement contract
About the ICO