Cryptocurrency is the money of the Future, it allows people to get out of centralized monetary systems to achieve independence and growth opportunities. Adapting it to a specific industry area is the way to ensure real and controllable growth in this industry, while rewarding each actor in the ecosystem.

To achieve massive adoption in the Fitness industry, we have decided to form a foundation (TRESOR) that will ensure the relative stability and growth of WELB.

WellBe has an ICO with pre-mine tokens and was designed to have a strong cash flow and development system. Our treasure is a characteristic of our currency, rare in most of the crypto existing on the market. The Treasury of WellBe is decentralized and represents the reserve in FIAT, which ensures the WELB. This allows WellBe to guarantee 15% annual growth from its original value, and as WellBe grows, the treasury budget will increase, allowing for more growth.

The WellBe Coin self-finances in addition to its Treasury, a Solidarity Aid Fund (FAS) which is the PROJECT at the heart of the PROJECT. This fund is intended to support, accompany and help structures in the Fitness ecosystem, to grow, innovate and get out of one-off crises. At WellBe we work to identify and encourage the activities that yield the greatest absolute value in return for what we spend on those efforts. This is why WellBe devotes 40% of its crypto to Development because we want each euro that we invest in our ecosystem to bring in much more than a euro of new added value when spent on technological development, marketing and campaigns. which will increase the Community and thus the massive adoption of the WELB that we want.