Welcome to our Platform

Welcome to our Platform
Welcome to our platform, you will be able to Staker, Farmer, and Swapper your WELBs. Connect your wallet (Metamask or others) and start trading your WELBs

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Make your WELB or savings that earn you up to 10%

Buy 1 WELB

To participate, you only need 1 WELB minimu.

The rewards

How are you going to be able to get rewards?


Become a Masternode

What is a Masternode and what are the benefits for you?

A wallet

You must have a WELB wallet


1000 WELB are needed to become Masternode

VSP server

You can edit all of this text and replace it with whatever you want to write.

A dedicated IP address for the VPS

Address should normally be provided with VPS hosting (check the services offered by the host you choose.