The Blockchain?

What is a Blockchain? What is it for ? What advantages and benefits does it bring?

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What is a cryptocurrency? What are its mechanisms for value gain? Why are they the future for trade?

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Wallet Ethereum on Matamask

How to create your secure Ethereum wallet on Metamask? Follow the tutorial, it's quick and easy!

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Why and how to participate in an AIRDROP Campaign

- What is an Airdrop? - What is the interest of participating? - How to participate?

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What is an ICO

This video explains what an ICO is, how it differs from traditional fundraising, why we do ICOs, why it is interesting to participate in them, what important innovation they represent, what are its limits and its links with the Blockchain.

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Why Buy WELB?

Why choose the WELB? What is the project behind? What advantages and benefits will you get from it? Why is WELB the Future of the Fitness Industry?

What can WELB do for you?

You are a fitness club, a coach, a sports association ...

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WellBe Coin: Gifts, Free, Discounts

Why transform your gifts, offers, reductions and other dry expenses that you make in your clubs into a capital and a profitable investment, while keeping the profits of your commercial gestures !!

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